7 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 50 Bucks

best bluetooth speakers under 50 bucks

Bluetooth speakers vary widely, some cost a few dollars and some cost hundreds of dollars, they vary as per there sizes, sound quality, bass quality and battery life, but we figured out the Best Bluetooth Speakers under 50 Bucks , and these speakers gives tight competition to the speakers with high ranges.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 50 Bucks

  • Anker Soundcore 2
  • Oontz  Angle 3 Ultra(3rd Generation)
  • Jbl Clip 3
  • AOMAIS Sport 2
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Doss Soundbox Plus
  • Tribit Xsound Go

7 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 50 Bucks

1. Anker Soundcore 2

This Bluetooth speaker is considered the best Bluetooth speaker according to the reviews, ratings and a minimal cost. It has got 4.5 stars and is reviewed by Techradar, Pcworld and tom’s guide.

Techradar- The Anker Soundcore 2 offers a ton of features for the price.

Pcworld- The best and most affordable backpack speaker we’ve reviewed.

Tom’s guide- The best Bluetooth speaker value.

Many of you would be thinking that what’s unique in this product that its ratings are so high and reviewed by many. Right? So the unique features of  this product is, that it has ipx7 protection guard, which will safe your speaker with dust, snow, rain, etc, So that it will not lead to decrease the performance of the speaker.

It has dual drivers and an advanced digital signal processor, which will let you forget about sound distortions and enjoy music at any volume.

Not impressed even now?

This speaker comes with 5200mAh battery that will be giving you the experience of 24 hours nonstop music.

  • Powerful bass

  • Excellent audio quality 

  • 24 hours play-time

  • Outdoor proof

  • Waterproof

  • sounds a bit tinny at high volume

  • Not a pocket sized

2. Oontz Angle 3 Ultra (3rd Generation)

One of the best Bluetooth speaker with great connectivity. This is the only product which claims that it’s totally waterproof, is it shocking right!??  The Bluetooth range of this product is incredible, that is 100 foot.

Oontz angle 3 ultra has a battery backup of 20 hours which is bit less then anker soundcore 2.

Now what is unique in this speaker, so you can connect two Oontz angle 3 with one device and can experience a greater audio system with one speaker responsible for right channel and other speaker will be responsible for left channel. This speaker supports siri when it’s connects to ipad or iphone.

  • 20 hours of playtime

  • Clear sound

  • Totally waterproof

  • Bluetooth range- 100 foot

  • a bit bulky

3. Jbl Clip 3

This product doesn’t have that much of features but has a very attractive look, with a great voice quality, that what Jbl is famous for.

So now come up on its water resistance, that it’s not fully waterproof, it can afford some amount of water.

As on every product we are figuring out some unique features of the product, so the unique feature of the product is, it has a much maintained structure which is blind blowing.

As we saw that Anker Soundcore 2 is the best Bluetooth speaker fewer than 50 bucks but, the missing feature was that it wasn’t pocket sized, but the great thing for you all is that Jbl Clip 3 is pocket sized with a clip, which will be useful to hang it on anywhere.

  • Wonderful design

  • Good sound quality

  • Has Clip

  • 10 hours of battery life per charge

  • not fully waterproof

4. AOMAIS Sport 2

One can say that this speaker is somehow an attention seeker, as it has 2 drivers with 20w full bodied stereo sound and also have wonderful bass quality.

This product is waterproof with IPX7 protection safeguard which will keep your speaker safe from dust, rain, etc and will not decrease the performance.

It has a rugged design so that your speaker will not catch any scratch.

So, come up’s to what is unique in this speaker?

It also have two pairing system which means you can pair two AOMAIS Sport 2 with a single device and can make 20w full bodied stereo to 40w full bodied stereo, which will give you the experience of a very great sound.

  • In-built microphone

  • Amazing sound quality

  • 30 hours playtime on 50% volume

  • little bulky

5. Amazon Echo Dot

So amazon itself gives a tight competition to other products, this speaker looks are little attractive, impressive and will give a smart look to your home.

Now come upon its features, this speaker comes with 3.5mm jack; sound isn’t that much great but can pair with another echo dot to give a good experience.

So as we always talk about what’s unique in this speaker?

It has in-built alexa, so this smart technology will give your home a smart look.

  • Pocket sized

  • Alexa in-built

  • Comes with 3.5mm jack

  • not water resistance

  • sound quality should be made better

6. Doss Soundbox Plus

The design of the speaker is fabulous, has a compact design. It has two drivers that gives around 16w stereo sound, comes with hd superior sound.

Doss Soundbox Plus has sensitive touch that means by just single tap you can increase or decrease the volume or can wake up or down the speaker. It has 20 hours of playtime on 50% volume. It also have stereo pairing system, in which you can connect two Doss Soundbox Plus and enjoy loud music.

So comes up to unique feature, it has soft mixed lights which will give you a better experience. There are five lightings; you can adjust as per your mood.

It has a good water resistance with IPX4 technology. Doss Sounbox Plus have in-built mic, and you can connect with any assistant, for ex: Siri, Google assistant, etc.

  • Impressive sound

  • Light weight

  • IPX4 water resistance

  • 20 hours of battery life

  • Soft mixed lights

  • speaker controls can be bit slow.

7. Tribit Xsound Go

The last product in our list is Tribit Xsound Go, it has a very great design. It has two drivers that give around 6w stereo sound.

 Tribit Xsound Go covers the Bluetooth connectivity of around 66 foots; it comes with 3.55mm cable, which will help you to connect with computers or televisions.

It’s totally waterproof, you can take this speaker for any water adventure.

  • 24 hours of nonstop playtime

  • Fully waterproof

  • Portable Design 

  • Takes longer time to charge

  • Normal bass

  • Not so loud

So now come to the unique features, that it has a battery backup of 24 hours.


At last, I would like to say that no need to buy expensive Bluetooth speakers when you’re getting it for just 50 bucks, with the same features and the same quality.

Its a very difficult task for a consumer to conclude that which product he/she should buy, because as there are tons of products now a days, so we have figured out the best products for you and even we have figured it out on our other articles

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